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Om Nordic Black Theatre
Nordic Black Theatre er en selveiende teaterstiftelse etablert i 1992. Vi produserer egne forestillinger, går inn i mange kreative samarbeidsprosesser med andre kunstnere, utvikler unge multikulturelle scenekunstnere gjennom Nordic Black Xpress og har ungdomsteatergrupper.

Stiftelsen ledes av Cliff Moustache (kunstnerisk leder) og Jarl Solberg (administrativ leder).


Nordic Black Theatre is a self-run theatre foundation established in 1992.  The core activity is theatre production but we work with a wide spectrum of partners in a variety of creative arts.  We also work with developing young transcultural actors via our theatre school Nordic Black Xpress (NBX).

From humble and challenging beginnings Nordic Black Theatre has grown into a well respected theatre institution that recieves funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Culture and the Oslo City Council.  We cooperate with a wide range of groups and organisations including major national theatre institutions in Norway and abroad.

Nordic Black Theatre does not have a permanent ensemble but has created a network of freelance actors, musicians, technicians, writers and other professionals.  Satelite groups and organisations have grown out of the theatre and we are proud to be a catalyst and inspiration from which young artists can flourish.

Nordic Black Theatre was founded and is still run by Cliff A. Moustache and Jarl Solberg.

Our venue – Cafeteatret – is used for our own theatre productions as well as concerts, open stage evenings, family events, poetry projects, seminars and much more!