Volund: Swan maidens


på Ms Innvik – søndag 5 Juli


Varighet ca 30 min.

Gratis inngang


The process of our work—«Volund: Swan maidens »

Izumi Ashizawa had conducted a one-week Japanese physical acting workshop, which is a combination of traditional Japanese theatre techniques, martial arts, and original Ashizawa Acting method.

The cast members of our performance were all participants of this workshop. In order to be able to «speak» our original and unique physical theatre language, Ashizawa especially values the process of training. After a week-long workshop, the cast opens the door to the performance.
Our performance «Volund» is based on one of the sagas in the Scandinavian ancient mythology, Edda.

Volund saga is know as a story of abduction, murder, betrayal, rape and brutal revenge. For our performance, we focus on the beginning part of the saga, which is about the abduction of three swan maidens by Volund and his brothers.
The myth begins in the home of three bachelor brothers, Völund, Egil and Slagfiðr. One day, they encounter three swan maidens=valkyries by the river. While the maidens remove their swan cloaks and unable to fly away, the brothers abduct them and make them as their wives. After nine years, the nature of valkyries overcome, «a longing for battle came over the Valkyries, and … they flew away.»
Interestingly, similar mythology exists in Japan. In Japanese version, the female protagonist is a flying lady called «Tennyo», instead of 3 valkyries. There is a traditional Japanese Noh theatre piece («Hagoromo») based on the flying lady myth.
As our myths have linked ethnographically somehow somewhere in the past, we try to connect Japanese and Scandinavian theatre in the form of our original theatrical languages.

We are planning to complete the entire Volund saga in future in a bigger scale performance form.