Divadlo na cucky (Theatre To Shreds) – «Someone is Going to Come»

Siden vår teatersal er på en liten ferie fremføres «Someone is going to come» på Blitz,
Pilestredet 30 c


with Theatre to Shreds – a theatre group from Czech Republic

3. og 4. juni på BLITZ! – kl. 19.00 – kr 50

3rd & 4th June at BLITZ! – 7pm – kr 50

About the performance «Someone is going to Come»:

Jon Fosse: Someone Is Going To Come

(in Czech language with English subtitles)

He and She are running away from people to the deserted fjord. They want to be together, alone, away, far from other people. Although they have a strange feeling that Someone is going to come.

The play written by a contemporary Norwegian playwright is based on a minimalist language and fragile situations from which there is no escape. Apart from his chamber plays he has also written a novel called Melancholy for which he got the nomination for a very prestigious award called Nordic Council’s Literature Prize.

The play is directed by Jan Frič – one of the most significant figures of the young generation of Czech directors.

Direction: Jan Frič

Dramaturgy: Jan Žůrek

Stage design and costumes: Tereza Marková

Cast: Petra Ševců, Tomáš Uher, Zdeněk Vévoda

June 3th and 4th

and trailer:

Divadlo na cucky (Theatre To Shreds) is a theatre from Czech Republic – from the city of Olomouc, it consist of theatre students and young professional artists. Divadlo na cucky focuses on experimental and alternative productions. Its dramaturgy is based on either purely authorial projects that draw from the various needs of the theatre group (production coming out of a topic, particular place/site or genre and authorial dramatization) or it concentrates on innovative dramatization of texts lesser known to the Czech audience (John Fosse, Laura de Weck etc.).