Brazilian Culture Gathering

Brazilian Culture Gathering – Celebrating Brazils astonishing cultural diversity

Thursday, 29/07, at theater boat MS Innvik, Langakaia, Bjørvika, beside the Opera.

Program: 19:00 to 20:15 – Film “Gathering of Traditional Cultures”
Welcome to watch a colorful documentary about the 6th gathering of traditional cultures in the heart of Brazil. Entré NOK 30,- income goes to Forest Awareness

(2007, Brazil, 10 indigenous nations, kalungas and quilombolas from all regions of Brazil and masters from the traditional cultures such as folias, congadas, coco, catira, caixeiras do divino, maracatu, tambor de criola, lundu, cantoria, sussã and many more.)

21:00 – Concert celebrating the diversity of Brazilian culture and music with many rhythms, folk instruments and histories.
Brazilian musicians: Txai Fernando, Gui Mendonça, Tiago Mendes e Diego Brasil.
entré NOK 100,-