Film Afrikana 2011

for andre år på rad arrangeres FILM AFRIKANA i Oslo.  Les videre for fullt programmet som er fyllt med masse spennende filmer.

Billetter kan kjøpes fra døra 30 minutter før filmstart. Pris: kr 50 per dag.

Tickets can be purchased at the door 30 minutes before each screening.

Tickets cost kr 50 per day


Monday 28 March
Time: 7.00 pm
Animation from Backyard Shorts: Paperboy Clip (5 min, South Africa)
Opening film: Paradise Stop (90 min, South Africa)
Followed by debate/Q&A
Guests: Kenneth Nkosi and Rapulana Seiphemo

Tuesday 29
Time: 7 pm
Animation from Backyard Shorts: Nambulo’s Bicycle (5 min, South Africa)
Film: Arts of this place: Women Artist In Cameroon (45 min, Camerun)
Followed by debate/Q&A
Guest: Florence Ayisi

Wednesday 30. mars
Time: 7 pm
Film: Say My Name (73 min, US/UK)
Collaborating: Fellesrådet For Afrika

Thursday 31
Time: 7 pm
A tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King’ – an essay by DATo
Film: Excerpts of Sisters of the Screen (USA)
Guest lecturer: Beti Ellerson

Friday 1. april
Time: 7 pm
Animation from Backyard Shorts: Chameleon Tongue/Snail
Closing film: AdoptedID (Haiti/Canada/UK)
Followed by debate/Q&A:

Guests: Director Sonia Godding and lead character Judith Craig

After party: Fredagsklubb with DJ Nefertiti at Cafetheatret 9 pm
Collaboration: Afrikan Youth In Norway/Nordic Black Theatre

Sunday 3. april
Childeren’s films: Animation from Backyard Shorts
Collaboration: Family Reggae Disco