UNWRAP – actspractices

onsdag 1. juni

Unwrap is an evening event for artists to explore and share their experimental expressions. We open a call for artists or groups to present their work to an audience and receive comments. Professionals with theoretical and/or practical backgrounds are invited to an open discussion to give feedbacks, promoting a reflection and dialogue between the artists and their work.

Unwrap is a platform for work presentations as a place of continuous questionings, re-elaborations and exchange. We are interested in using non-conventional venues, always questioning the placement for the work and audience, optimising a communication between them.

Open for: short performances, music pieces, visual concepts, lectures etc. We encourage the artists to have a performative expression of their work. Specifications: work (in process), fragments of work, minimal tecnical requirements, spacially adaptable, máx 20 min.

Applications open: send your proposal to: actspractices@gmail.com

Unwrap is part of ACTS – laboratory for performance practices a one year program produced by MoA with support of Norsk Kulturråd