Uppsala guest writer hosts Creative Writing Literary Workshops

Uppsala guest writer,  Anisur Rahman, hosts Creative Writing Literary Workshops at Nordic Black Theatre in September 2011

Writing is love letter to times

Writing is to tell the mind

Anisur Rahman, Ibsen translator, poet and journalist from Bangladesh, and currently Uppsala City of Refuge’s Guest Writer, will host a series of 4 workshops starting in the beginning of September 2011. Each workshop will also feature one Norwegian guest author. Participants of the workshops will attain an orientation on how to develop ideas, how to judge one’s own writing, how one could become a critical reader aiming to be a writer, and on making writing a career.

The Oslo workshops on creative writing will focus on the following basic questions, and also provide necessary pointers and observations to encourage Oslo talents in the mission of literature:

How is writing love letter to times?

Am I talented enough?

How should I educate myself?

Can I make living from writing?

How can I know if I am really a writer?

How can one tell the mind in writing?

Anisur Rahman says: «When a talent can know himself as a writer, he will have nothing to be worried about in the survival of his committed mission of writing. I am hopeful and convinced that this workshop will meet with this challenge».

Invited guest authors will speak and share ideas about their own writing and on becoming a writer, while also focusing on basic technique and considerations of writing poetry, novel, short story, essay, drama and journalistic pieces.

At the end of workshops, there will be hosted an International Poetry Festival featuring published and unpublished poets from Norway and other countries.

A literary anthology featuring the contributions from participants and guests in the workshops and festival will be published afterwards.

Fri entry; All are welcome.

Language: English and/or Norwegian

Venue: Nordic Black Theatre & Cafeteateret, Hollendergata 8, Oslo

Time: 17.00-1930

Every Tuesday from September 6, 2011 till September 27, 2011.

Hosted by Nordic Black Theatre and Networkers South North

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