Konsert: Aladin Dreams

lørdag 14. mai
kl. 21.00
billetter: kr 70

Aladin Dreams

Aladin Dreams is a new and exciting quartet which combines egyptian and arabic music with western elements to create a unique and fascinating style.

Aladin Abbas is one of Egypts’ finest and most creative oud players and together with seasoned norwegian musicians has created a bridge between east and west – using the roots of oriental and Egyptian music and coloring it with modern western elements to build a new way of playing oriental music. Aladin´s compositions and Aladin Dreams band have been a successful way to fit the taste of Arabic and Western  audience, and its musical approach is almost magical…


The band:

Aladin Abbas (oud, vocal, percussion)

Trygve Tambs-Lyche (drums) (bl.a.Darkside of the Force, Elin Synnøve Bråthen, Alexander Rybak, Thelma & Clyde)

Jørn Erik Ahlsen (Electric and acoustic guitar) (bl.a. Diom de Kossa, Guro Skumsnes Moe, The Snake Decides)

Johannes Sæbøe (bass) (bl.a. Frank Znort, White Willow)