Hope Masike & Ibou Cissokho konsert

søndag 12 juni – kl. 20.00 – kr 80

Hope Masike & Ibou Cissokho i konsert


Hope Masike is a young Zimbabwean mbira player, vocalist, songwriter, poet, percussionist, fashion designer, fine artist, advocate…! However, four years old in the industry, she is commonly known for her sizzling voice and mesmirising mbira playing.

One summer evening in Zimbabwe, after a big festival concert and after everyone had left, Hope went and set at the edge of the stage and wondered, ‘’ Why wasn`t it me on the stage”. From then on, she cahsed after her  dream with such vim and verve.

She started  practicing music in 2007 while she was still studying music at the Zimbabwe College of Music of Zimbabwe. In the same year, a determined Hope started  a four-member band called Kakuwe. Together they recorded her debut album “ Hope’’ which was released in 2009. It was an honest and warm potrait of the highs and lows of life in her country during these years which were filled with socio-political hardships. She dug deeply into her music heritage to find her own sound as a reflection of life and her position in it. Her album celebrated evry struggle and victory with music that inspires and revives the soul. Therefore , her album ‘’Hope’’, a rare collectible and a gift that made Zimbabwe proud of herself.

In the following two years, Hope thrilled music lovers locally and regionally with her captivating presence, establishing herself as an artist of substance. Her music ventures have led her to tours and collaborations of note. She has performed at Exit festival in Serbia, Harare International festival of Arts and Chimanimani Arts Festival in Zimbabwe, Umoja Cultural Flying carpet in Mozambique and South Africa,  Ubuntu Festival in Netherlands, Stoppestad Verden in Norway and my other venues. She has graced numerous cooperate functions and national functions  in Zimbabwe. With her band , she has been the resident artist at Harares Book Café on Tuesday nights for over a year.

Currently based in Norway, the inspirational singer is bringing the audience her tastey blend of many music styles with her solo, acoustic mbira. She dresses the mbira in a new cloak, exploring the Jazz culture, Ragge and other music styles. Her music defies genre.

Look out for her second album due for release soon. She working on the studio album in Netherlands and Norway.