Open Xpressions 2012!

Open Xpressions enters its 3rd year in 2012 (make some noise!)

At Cafeteatret we have the following dates:

wednesday 1st Feb

wednesday 22nd Feb

wednesday 14th March

wednesday 11th April

wednesday 2nd May

wednesday 23rd May

wednesday 13th June

Artikkel om Open Xpression i NyTid 27. januar 2012

Open Xpressions mars 14. 2012

YOUTUBE: Open Xpressions fra 14. mars 2012




we will be bringing forwards the forum, also have dates in Drammen at G60 and Union Scene and hopefully some more places too!

keep in touch via our facebook group

to sign up for showcase or open stage sections please contact:, or

Open Xpressions is held every third wednesday Each time we include three elements:- a forum for artists- a showcase- open mic
We are open to all forms of expression: music, dance, poetry & spoken word, film, performance, comedy, opera, theatre, art – anything!
It is rare that different art forms and audiences share the same stage or hall, but open xpressions has managed to accomodate many art forms with really positive results.