Global Oslo Music presenterer: Monoswezi


Global Oslo Music presenterer Monoswesi

fredag 21. februar

Don’t miss it: Monoswezi is soon back in town! The band is known for its unique sound of African traditional music infused with varying degrees of Western influence
February 21 // @ Cafetearet // Hollendergata 8 // 9pm // cc 100.-

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Monoswesi spilte på Cafeteatret i september 2013 og begeistret en sprekkfullt hus med sine unik blanding av tradisjonelle melodier fra Zimbabwe og skandinavisk jazz.

Siste albumet «The Village» som var utgitt i januar 2013, til en motakelse over all forventning.

Albumet var i topp 10 på europas World Music Charts i flere måneder og hadde suksess verden rundt. Ikke gå glipp av en sjeldent sjans å se bandet I Oslo!

“A unique sound blending traditional songs from ZImbabwe with Scandinavian Jazz“ CNN, USA
interview and feature

“Highly, highly recommended” The Strand, BBC World Service, UK
Interview and feature

«Even though we’re only a week into January, I feel confident their strikingly atmospheric debut album The Village will be on my end-of-year list for 2013.» The Independent, UK

«A hypnotic blend of Norwegian saxophone and Zimbabwean mbira» Financial Times UK

«The Village largely whispers rather than shouts, and it’s all the more powerful for it.» The Independent on Sunday, UK

«Classy stuff» The Guardian, UK

«A fusion of with an airy and expressive feel that displays a remarkable balance between two different cultures» Songlines UK

«Resultatet er både unikt og tiltalende.» Bergens Tidene, Norway

«The Village» is a cyclical and minimalist journey of love between Scandinavia and Southern Africa that sounds remarkably warm and unforced.» Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

«The mix of Eastern African rhythms and vocals with European Jazz is sublime. Neither element is fighting for prominence; there is perfect harmony here. The band’s name means “one world” and, if this music is their vision of a global community, it is beautiful. To call Monoswezi a fusion band would imply that these two musical traditions were two separate entities coming together; while that may be the literal truth, it sounds like a pairing that should never have been apart in the first place, so perfect is the melding.» Albumaday 2013

«Monoswezi: Fire land, en stemme» Hissig, Norway

“The Moswezi’s music is fresh and heartwarming like the first rays of sun. It warms your body and fills your heart with hope.” Jazzalchemist

«The mix of the african sound and the scandinavian jazz is a combination which is hard to imagine but they fit well together «as if they were already in love all this time». » Noborderz, Netherlands

“Ukas anbefaling” NRK Kulturnytt /Spillerom

«wonderful and delicate» PopMatters

«What Monoswezi have created is a unique and intriguing fusion» Allmusic

«Monoswezi is without any doubt the band of the moment! » «Listening to the album, you will realize the great quality of Monoswezi’s sound does not only lie in their ability to blend different sounds but in succeeding to create one sound – the sound of Monoswezi.» Jusi I Love

“Don’t overlook this fine music!” WRUV
«Monswezi has managed to create unique and individual songs that still come together cohesively to build The Village.» Ucdadvocate

“A South African Scandinavia able to hypnotize.” Rumore, Italy