Open Xpressions at Urban Sound Studios Vol.1


Open Xpressions at Urban Sound Studios
Vol. 1

Det er så mange stor talenter som er innom Open Xpressions på Cafeatret.  Vi bestemmt oss for å plukke ut 10 artister for å jobbe med husbandet aka The Soul Rebels på Urban Sound Studios.  De fikk to dager til å øve og to dager for å spille inn låtene – resultatene ble utrolig bra! Derfor måtte vi gi ut sangene som albumet «Open Xpressions at Urban Sound Studios Vol. 1»
Vi lansere låtene på Open Xpressions i kveld – onsdag 27. august 2014 hvor alle ti artister skal spille med Open X husbandet.
Du kan høre alle låtene på SoundCloud og albumet gis ut på Spotify, Wimp, i-tunes osv 10. september

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Open Xpressions at Urban Sound Studios
Vol. 1

We took 10 fantastic artists and the Open X house band (aka The Soul Rebels) to Urban Sound Studios. They had two days of rehearsals and two days of recording. The songs are recorded live with almost no overdubs or editing, The results are really something to listen to!
These ten songs give a perfect glimpse of what is happening on todays music scene in Oslo. It has been great to see both emerging and established artists working together closely and creatively.

The songs can be heard on SoundCloud for a short period and will be released on Spotify, Wimp, i-tunes etc on 10th september

01: Autumn Ray – “Pink Elephants” (I.M.Hashi)
02: King Milo – “T-Bane” (M. Samb)
03: Taro Vestøl Cooper “Kan ikke sitte stille” (T. V. Cooper)
04: Svanes (feat King Milo) “Up to You” (I. Svanes)
05: Elvic Kongolo “Let Them Be” (E. Kongolo)
06: Beatur “Going to be Going” (B. Gudjonsson)
07: Laila Gatonye “All I Could Do Was Cry” (B. Gordy, B. Davis, G. Gordy/Argo)
08: Sheldon Blackman “Take Care of Each Other” (S. Blackman)
09: Chris Shine “Før det blir for seint” (K. Bekken)
10: Brendan Summercoat & The Mellow Purges “Blue Melody” (T. Buckley/ ASCAP)

Open Xpressions at Urban Sound Studios Vol. 1
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Urban Sound Studios, Oslo
Produced by: Jock Loveband

Open Xpressions House band aka The Soul Rebels:
Sheldon Blackman – guitar, percussion, backing vocals
Jørn “Jam” Hansen – guitar, effects
Simen Nyutstumo Stensland – keyboards
Thomas Dulsrud – drums
Henrik Hilmersen – bass

Open Xpressions is held every third wednesday at Cafeteatret, Oslo

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