CODA festival – «I wish her well»


foto: Trine & Kim Designstudio

14. oktober kl. 13:00

I wish her well
Panta Rei Danseteater (NO)

The production is based on the diaries of a 16-year-old girl who is now 85. She has generously shared her thoughts and experiences with dancers and choreographers. Her small, but simultaneously universal stories are told through both the soundscape and the dancers on stage.

I wish her well moves at a rapid pace, and is intricate with a lot of contact work. It is a production that moves and engages. The British composer Nathaniel Reed has composed a melodious and evocative musical score for the production.

I wish her well will go on tour to Cafeteatret, to seniors centres and nursing homes in Oslo. During the tour Solbjørg Ekenes, the 85-year old woman and author of the diaries, will take part. She will both give a short introduction to the production and involve everyone in a simple dance which can also be done while seated.

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