Open Xpressions – 22. februar


We are super proud to present our third Open Xpressions album!!

Open Xpressions at Urban Sound Studio Volume 3 will be released on 22nd February 2017 – so we have a special showcase with all the artists!
Each year we pick out artists that have particularly impressed us during the year. Together with the house band and producer Jock Loveband they enter the fantastic Urban Sound Studio in Grunerløkka, Oslo. After a short time for rehearsals all the songs are recorded ‘live’ that means the band and vocals are recorded all at the same time. There is almost no editing or overdubs on the album! The results are fantastic!

After the official album release showcase the stage is….Open!
all xpressions are welcome – dance, poetry, art, stand up, sit down, whatever!

To sign up for the open stage >>> the book opens at 7pm and artists are written down in order.
That means the later you arrive to sign up, the later your stage time will be. Most artists arrive a little before seven to sign up, so arriving at 7:30 means there will already be a lot of artists before you. The good news is we nearly always have time for all artists.
Open Xpressions is often full, so even if a friend has signed you up on the list – once we are full we are full (and you wont get automatic entrance…this is not the doorman being badminded!! full up = full up!). We are trying to express this nicely and politely… If it is important to come in, it is best to arrive early (before 8pm)



Welcome one and all to one of the most positive, dynamic and inclusive open stages in Oslo!

Musicians * Dancers * Actors * Poets * Singers * Comedians /// All xpressions are welcome!

sign-up for open stage from 7pm

påmelding for åpen scene fra kl. 19:00

showcase begins kl 20:00 / 8pm /// after showcase the stage is……………OPEN!!!

Open Xpressions is streamed live and can be watched afterwards here: