What is going on in Nigeria? Chido Onumah & Morten Bøas


Thursday 9th November from 6pm – 8pm
free entrance

Fellesrådet for Afrika / Norwegian Council for Afrika presents

What is really going on in Nigeria? The press mainly writes about the terrorist group of Boko Haram, while other issues are largely ignored. What is the state of the «giant of Africa» and what are the challenges to the federal state?

The journalist, activist and author Chido Onumah gave out the book «We are all Biafrans» last year. Researcher and Africa expert Morten Bøås leads the conversation with Onumah. While Onumah doesn´t support the Biafran agitation in terms of the actualization of a sovereign state of Biafra, he claims that Nigeria is facing serious existential crisis and calls for all Nigerians coming together to work out an amicable solution. If this is not done, he warns of the disintegration of the entire country.

The controversial name «We are all Biafrans» was chosen to create discussion around what is happening in Nigeria, as Biafra has become a metaphor for many of the conflicts and flawed institutions within the country. What are the main challenges for a united Nigeria and what is the way forward.

The event is free!