Konsert: Hvalene som Aldr Dør

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Hvalene som Aldr Dør
Hvalene som Aldri  Dør er en afro-norsk musikalsk dialog med Norges første Fribymusiker Abazar Hamid, som sier «Vi er ikke her for å leve som fremmede, vi synger til Mahmoud for fortelle hvem vi er, og gjennom sangene til Joachim Nielsen kan vi undersøke hvor vi er. Jeg lover ingenting, men vil ønske alle velkommen som vitner til denne hyllesten».
Vert for denne konserten er forfatter Yassin Sulaiman, som har skrevet en bok om Mahmud Abdul Aziz (Premeditation). Andre deltakende er musikerne Morton Zakaria og Jiddo.

ى حفل «الحوت لا يموت «حوار  افرونرويجى

يقدمه اول ضيف موسيقى بالنرويج ٢٠١٤  «

الفنان السودانى  «اباذر عبدالباقى   الذى يقول (نحن هنا لسنا لنعيش كغرباء نغنى فيه «محمود «لنقول من نحن وعبر اغنيات «يواكيم نيلسن «نستكشف اين نحن

لا اوعد بى شى لكن مرحبا بكم شهودا على كل شى)

يستضيف الحفل الكاتب الروائي «يس سليمان «لاستعراض  كتاب  (مع سبق الاصرار والترصد) عن الراحل محمود

الحفل طيف من موسيقى الروك والريقى  والافربيت بمشاركه  الموسيقار «مورتون زكريا»وجدو «على الإيقاعات

‏The Whale Never Dies is An Afro-Norwegian singing dialogue by the Norway first guest musician Abazar Hamid Who said (We are not here to live as stranger,We sing to Mahmoud to tell who we are and through the songs of Joachim Nielsen we explore where we are I do not promise any thing but welcome witnesses to everything)
‏ The concert will be hosted by the novelist Yassin Sulaiman, who has writtena book on Mahmud Abdul Aziz (premeditation) with the participation of the musicians Morton Zakaria and Jiddo
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Abazar Hamid:

Artist and peace singer, human rights activist and first guest musician in the City of Harstad (SD/NO)

Abazar A. Bagi Hamid grew up in the cultural belt between Sudan and the Gulf, and his music is both rooted in traditional Sudanese and African music characteristic of the Gulf area, and heavily inspired by reggae and Afro-Latin music. Abazar Hamid started singing for peace in Sudan at an early age, and formed his fi rst band, ìBalsamî, at university. In 1997, he became well-known at regional level when he joined ìIgd Elgalad Bandî, and in 2005, he quit his job as an architect to start his solo career, launching the project ìRainbow Songsî. The project brought together musicians from across Sudan, aiming to slip lyrics about Human Rights and dignity past the music monitoring committee. Abazar Hamid released his fi rst solo album, ìSabahak Rabahî (ìGood Morning Homeî) in 2007 but experienced increasing censorship in his home country. Songs dealing with social and political issues riding Sudan were especially scrutinized, and after severe censorship and verbal threats, Abazar chose exile and moved to Cairo in 2008. In 2009 he established the project ìdemocratizing musicî in collaboration with other Sudanese and Egyptian musicians, as a forum to share resources rather than fi ghting each other. Abazar arrived, as Norways first guest  musician in Safe Music Haven Harstad the 10th of december 2014.

Since his arrival in Harstad he has been most active in developing music as a tool for integration and understanding amongst people of different backgrounds, including through development of the concept Music4All, now with groups in Harstad, Paris, Oslo, Kyev, Kairo, Catalunia…, and more to come.