Fundraising evening for The Sheros Home for Women, Gambia

maimouna sheroes gambia

The Sheros Home for Women is a charitable non-profit organization registered in The Gambia, and focusing primarily on crisis intervention with the purpose of providing a temporary home and safe space for women and their children as well as girls. Our main focus is girls and women who are victims of abuse, at the risk of becoming victims of any form of abuse, violence and all forms oftraditional patriarchal suppression that discriminates and negatively affects their developmentand takes away their power.

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The Sheros Home for Women and Girls offers  shelter, protection and support and function as a

base for information, legal guidance, counselling, and not the least privacy during a transitional period.

You can support Sheros sending a conatiner with donated items by the Norsk Folkehjelp. Any amount is highly appreciated.

Our Vipps 561880 

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