Kwanza Celebration 2021 // Arise Oslo – 11. desember

Lørdag 11. desember kl. 13:00 – 20:30



After almost 2 years of restrictions, we in ARISE are pleased to finally be able to come together as a community and celebrate Kwanzaa 2021.

This year’s Kwanzaa will be held on Saturday the 11th of December from 12pm until 8.30pm, starting with the children’s program then followed by the main program from 4pm. Our partners at Nordic Black Theatre have opened their doors once again for us to celebrate together as they have graciously done for the past few years.

This year’s theme is «The beauty of African diversity». We hope that you can join us in the celebration of our diversity, unity and tenacity.
Please secure your free ticket/s by registrering on the attached eventbrite link.

KWANZAA is a Pan-Afrikan cultural celebration based on indigenous First Fruits/Harvest. The festivals observed since ancient times all over Afrika are known by different names across the regions of the continent.

Kwanzaa observed 26 December to 1 January and its foundation is expressed through seven principles, the “Nguzo Saba” (faith, self-determination, collective work and responsibility,
cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith).

As members of a diverse Afrikan community living in Norway we realize that we don’t make enough effort to unify across national, religious, language and ethnic divisions. Kwanzaa affords us an opportunity to unite, remind us what we must do to empower our community and motivates us to work towards a better future for Afrikans at home and abroad.

Note: This is a family friendly event.
We encourage all our guests to bring a special dish from their country to share with the community. We in ARISE will also offer some food. Please note that it’s not allowed to bring drinks into the venue.

Date/time: Saturday 11th of december from 12:00pm (childrens program).

Main program starts at 16.00pm.

Venue: Nordic Black Theatre & Cafeteatret
Concept: Bring and share
Dress code: Traditional and cultural Afrikan wear
Activities for kids from 12pm: Learn 3D design/printing, Face painting, storytelling, drawing, dancing, dressing up etc.

Please reach out to us if you are bringing your kids so we send you the plan and program directly.

Entertainment: To be announced soon.

For more information contact us on facebook and instagram @ariseoslo
or email:

Together We Rise!