RAndOM- A performance for Ukraine // Free entrance

lørdag 25. februar kl 18:00, Gratis
Dørene åpner kl. 17:00


Year after that invasion of our land
The «RAn.dOM» performance is dedicated to all Ukrainians, those who live through this powerful experience, those who shed blood on the battlefield, those who are no longer with us, those people along the way who easily give their helping hand, who are always ready do the possible and the impossible…
This performance is gratitude and memory to all those involved in the defense and selfless service of their homeland.

Fled from home… refugees… emigrants… forced displacements and resettlements… protecting their children and their lives… mostly women with children…

RAn.dOM – everyone will find a response here… by chance in the auditorium…
Is it a coincidence?