Podcast // My African Aesthetic

onsdag 13. desember kl 08:00


Cliff Mustache is co-founder and artistic director of Nordic Black Theatre in Oslo. In this episode, we uncover his lifetime contributions to Norwegian society and his relentless dedication to promoting diverse perspectives in Norwegian theatre.  
As he navigates through his  personal experiences, Cliff takes the time to pay tribute to the impactful role of his mother, sharing personal stories and lessons that have shaped him. He shares his struggles with identity, cultural conformity and the story of reconnection with his roots thorugh theatre. 
Cliff  is an advocate for representation, diversity and inclusion  in theatre and film, specifically in Norway. He believes in  the immense power of storytelling and its potential impact on the younger generation; emphasizing the role African creatives play in telling their own stories and debunking misconceptions. 
So, whether you’re intrigued by african aesthetics, cherish the influence of motherhood, or advocate for diversity in film and theatre; this episode serves as an inspiring and insightful treat.

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