Shadows of the Light – 24.-27. februar

lørdag 24. februar, 180 kr / 78 kr (barn fra 8 år)


Shadows of the Light is a transdisciplinary performance; a poetic dialogue between dance, animation and music.

Duration 35 min.

In September 2022 a civil protest, opposing forced dress codes and the subsequent brutal penalties, formed in Iran. The protest, so-called “woman, life, freedom”, strongly continued and became a notable feminist cause, resonating a global request to challenge the violent patriarchal and authoritarian ruling ideologies.
Around and through the brutal incidents in Iran, the protesters weave their days, with sorrows, traumas and hopes. Shadows of the Light is a performance about holding breath until an unknown moment, about a civil battle!
about hope,
about hope and hope…

konsept og animasjon Mahsa Mousavian
Koreografi og utøver Hediyeh Azma
Lysdesigner Shiva Sherveh
Konsulent Mira Zaki Bjørnskau
Mentor Sulekha Ali Omar
Fotograf Sara Abbasnejad
Co-produksjon med Nordic Black Theater

Støttet av Frittord, Norwegian Arts Council: Fund for Pre-Project, Fund for Performing Art, Viken Fylkeskommune, Oslo Kommune