Sukuma: And Still I Rise

mandag 3. juni kl 19:00, 150 kr / 120 kr (student)
Dørene åpner kl. 18:00


After a well-received debut, Sukuma will be joined by a full band for this concert. Sukuma is a new voice collective committed to singing music stemming from African heritage. Come and be uplifted with us in song.

Amalie Eggen
Emma A. K. Jada
Ina Kristin Ullenes
Jercathleen Reyes
LJ Amorsolo
Loding Michael
Sikia Chi Masters Heien
Susanne Heger
Viviane Santiago Gomes

Sukuma is led by vocalist and composer Trina Coleman

Isak Austnes Brekken – piano
Sikia Chi Masters Heien – guitar
Andreas D Fammé – bass
Lius Baruch – drums