Open Xpressions – 28.4.10

Open Xpressions part 5

20.00 – 01.00 på MS Innvik / at MS Innvik
Gratis Inngang / Free Entrance

Forum: Mar Geuye from Samspill will come with a practical workshop for musicians to apply for «bestillingsverk» funds, a relatively little known chance to get funding to record an album, compose a piece and so on. The workshop is 100% practical with examples of good and bad applications hands on practice with filling out applications….

Showcase: Tabanka crew: Afrikan og Carribbean dance performance,
will be in the house to blow up the space!!
Also Harmoni : an all female hiphop-group will be in the house.
Also Aladdin Abbas from Egypt will play
also NBX the students from Nordic Black Theatre school will present a combined performance.

Open Mic: Oslo all talents, musicians/ dancers/singers/ poets etc are invited to come and share their art.
As always the open xpression house band is there to support.

Også fra kl. 19.00 serveres det Carribbean food til en gunstig pris. Ital is vital!!

food – body
forum – mind
showcase/open mic – soul