Sheldon Blackman Multimedia konsert 16. mai

Concert integrated with photography, video and special lighting
put together with a rocking band!!
Music from the heart, fun, open and full of good vibes!!
entrence fee is only 80kr.

Trinidad native Sheldon Blackman and his band The Soul Rebels play dance floor friendly Caribbean pop, their particular take on it being a heady mix of genres,calypso, soca, reggae, rapso, jamoo, jazz and bluse.
Sheldon has lived in Norway for the past few years and splits his time between playing here with his Norwegian band and playing at home in Trinidad with his family Band The Love Circe and other local musicians.
Over the last decade Blackman has released four albums, the most recent of which “Overflowing” was released two years ago.
In Trinidad he’s a well recognized musician know not only as a talented
performer but also for his musical lineage, being the son of Soca legend Ras Shorty,one of the founding fathers of Trinidadian modern pop Soca Music.
What is unique about Sheldon coming from the islands of T&T is the
diverse culture that has evolved from the indigenous peoples,
European, Africans, Indian and Chinese, each with there own culture . These elements have all contributed to a unique flavour of world music and diverse expressions.
The Soul Rebels reflect this blend and to see them live is to experience true
worldmusic Fusion!