Konsert: The Sacred Language of Plants

txai konsert

Spontaneous concert with Herbert Quinteros (Peru), Pepe Danza (Uruguay), Txai Fernando (Brazil), Bastiaan Yansã (Holland), Marilena Laulu (Holland) & guests
The musicians will take us to a musical journey inspired by the sacred language of the plants, exploring soundscapes from the rainforest jungles to the Japanese mountains, with different traditional music and instruments, ancestral chants and groovy rhytms.

Welcome to enjoy this night with us 🙂
kl. 20:00 – entrance (only) NOK 100:-

Herbert Quinteros:
Herbert Quinteros is from Tarapoto, San Martin region of the high jungle of Peru and spent many years training with Amazonian masters of Shipibo, Cocama, Asháninca as well as Quechua Mestizo indigenous communities.
One of the main tools he uses, is singing the Icaros, the sacred language of the plants. Herbert also plays the Andean flute called “quena”, the panflute (zamponia) made of feathers of the condor, the Andean guitar “charango”, the guitar and drums. He travels to share his medicinal music in various parts of the world, often together with other musicians.

Pepe Danza:
Pepe Danza masters the japanese shakuhachi flute like a true samurai who wins all battle in stillness from this humble ground his unique sound is born -a prayer beyond words grooves like one hand clapping when he moves waves of sound, rhythm and people through his fiery heartbeat of afro latin percussion bridging the worlds through song and dance his ancestral bloodlines weave global cross-cultural heritage through his african, and south amerioan roots awakening the medicine of the drum calling to dance our prayers closer to the heart of sacred mother Earth.

Txai Fernando:
Txai Fernando is a Brazilian multi instrumentalist & producer of enchanted world music with a vast musical influence. He is weaving his traditional folk music of the Violeiros with tribal world beat via classical music to the sacred indigenous chants. Txai Fernando has been touring in Europe for over 11 years with many amazing world music projects, including Amazon Ensemble, Chandra Lacombe, Shamantra and traditional medicine people of the amazon.

Bastiaan Yansã:

Bastiaan Yansa is a medicine musician, born in the countryside of Holland. From a Osho commune where he explored meditation and emotional bodywork, he moved to Brazil where his study with the medicines and music could deepen a lot. His music is inspired by nature and it’s forces. Here you can listen to his music: www.soundcloud.com/bastiaan-yansa