Konsert: Mir (med support fra) Robbie Bankes

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fredag 2. februar
konsertstart kl. 21:00
pris: «à la Berlinaise» – folk skal «roll the dice» på inngangen for å bestemme hva de skal betale, så det blir mellom 20 og 120 NOK

In times where the world is flooded with plastic bags and flattened edges, M.I.R. is a raft that four burning souls hold on to. M.I.R. is self-written songs and post-folk music from rural Telemark.
Equipped with their secret weapons, Jonathan, Frederic, Mattias and Johanna paddle between tradition, authenticity and the dark forces of Mordor. M.I.R. is:
Jonathan (FR) [base, fiddles*, voice]: the power of shaping, subterranean octaves
Frederic (NO) [guitar, fiddles*, voice]: strange devices, enlightening choruses
Mattias (NO) [drums, synth]: modern Jazz spiritual kung fu drumming
Johanna (GER) [voice, fiddles*, organ]: architect of the M.I.R.-dimension portal, true words

Together they sail from island to island, looking for the rocket that will take them to the moon. M.I.R. is ecclesiastic exultation on a galactic level.

*[e.g. hardingfele, flatfele, oktavfele]

// Jonathan Sarrabia, Frederic Bech, Mattias Cyvin Storås, Johanna Seim

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Robbie Bankes:

Robbie Bankes sets the bar high with his debut LP Foothills (Self Released). Nominated for Young Performer of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards, the Nordic Canadiana songwriter and
scholar of folk music spends half his time in his native Calgary, Alberta and the other in Rauland, Norway where he studies folk music at the University of South East Norway. He carries with him
a mature musical voice and a deep respect and understanding of musical traditions.

«Stunningly crafted, poetic lyrics, emotion-rich, evocative
– folkwords.com
«This may be one of best debut albums I’ve heard»
– folking.com
«This is an artist with a big heart, and even bigger potential»
– Beatroute