Theater workshops: Body-motion-senses // elements of physical theater training

Theater workshops
Body-motion-senses // elements of physical theater training

physical workshops

The International Art Scene in cooperation with the Nordic Black Theatre invites you to join physical theatre/dance workshops with Marcelina Bozek and Kristin Brechler.

Workshops are held in English (and body language).

When and where: Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th of June, Nordic Black Theatre.
Time: 15:00 – 20:00 both days.
The hour that the workshops begin is flexible and can be moved to 16:00 by democratic request of the participants!

The main focuses of the workshops are to improve the quality of stage interactions, bring authentic life to the stage and build performances. There will also be elements of contact improvisation dance and body-movement.


In everyday life, we are trapped in our heads and our brain produces a constant stream of rational and irrational thoughts. How can we be creative, how can we be relaxed, how can we enjoy the acting process while all these never-ending thoughts are running through our heads? In this workshop, we will focus on the sensitivity of our bodies in order to get far away from our daily habits. During our journey, we will work from the mindfulness of the body in order to find the source of our movement. Through our training, we will find new ways of communication and action on stage.
We will use our background and our personality as a creative element for the assembling of our stage appearance.


About trainers:
Marcelina Bożek is a theatre instructor/pedagogue, an actress, a performer and cultural manager.

Marcelina Bożek

Kristin Brechler is an acro yoga instructor, a performer and a physiotherapist.

Marcelina and Kristin met in Berlin at the physical theater training studio and have been working together since then as the NUKKA theater – independent art collective. They perform on the stage together and run theater workshops. As a team they improve contact improvisation dance and elements of acrobatics. They simply share the creative development and artistic work. They collaborate with INSTANT THEATER BERLIN and Tatwerk – Performative Forschung´(a theater, dance and performance studio)

Their interest as artists is to break the rules of typical dramatic theater by implementing physical theater´s methods to the stagework process. They also hope to expand the sensual perception as actors in the theater space. They both strive to seek the sensitivity of our bodies, abolish our cultural habits and work from the mindfulness of the body. Simply, to focus the energy on our bodily carnality. They enjoy working with movement, music, rhythm and acrobatic gestures. Both of them practice physical theater methods, contact improvisation and contemporary dance.


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Two days workshops (10 hours) -739,99 NOK (39,99 NOK service fee)
One day workshop (5 hours) – 529,99 NOK (29,99 NOK service fee)

Prices when using bank transfer:
Two days workshops (10 hours) – 700 NOK
One day workshops (5 hours) – 500 NOK

If you prefer to pay with bank transfer, transfer the correct fee to account: 1254.62.82579
In the transaction please write your name, phone number and which days you are interested in.

Please send a message to with your contact details after one of two transaction (name and phone number).

There is limited amount of places so please consider registering early to secure your participation in this learning experience.

For more info about the event and reservations: or call Caroline: 405 82 838.