Open Xpressions – 24. april

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Welcome to one of the most positive, dynamic and inclusive open stages in Oslo!

Musicians * Dancers * Actors * Poets * Singers * Comedians /// All xpressions are welcome!

sign-up for open stage from 7pm

påmelding for åpen scene fra kl. 19:00

showcase begins  kl 19:30 / 7.30m /// after showcase the stage is OPEN

Dates for Spring 2019:

6. februar, 6. mars, 27. mars, 24. april, 15. mai, 5. juni


Open Xpressions…..and Sheldon Blackman is back from Trinidad!
So xtra vibes guaranteed!

We have a fantastic showcase lined up with:

Slam Poetry from The Open X Poetry Allstars
aka Taro Vestøl Cooper, Regine Folkman Rossnes, Knut A. Eriksen & Becky Aberra

Singateh & The House Band (info below)
Marimbondo Gigante (info below)

afterwhich the stage is OPEN!
sign up for the open stage is at 7pm – 19:00

we start the showcase at 19:30 ish
Marimbondo Gigante
Suppose Jimi Hendrix didn’t die choking on his last meal at age 27, but instead took an incognito walkabout in Latin-America, resulting in the birth of the genre Tropical Rock. Marimbondo Gigante brings this meeting between rock and Latin-American rhythm to the northern hemisphere, with three-part harmonies and lyrics in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Thomas Reite – vocal and bass
Torbjørn Sandvik – guitar and background vocals
Ole Andreas Olafsrud – drums and background vocals
award winning reggae/dancehall/afro/hip hop artist from Gambia

Born as Alhagie Singateh in 1982 in a small riverine community in the hinterlands of The Gambia, Sing-a-teh started singing at a very tender age doing acapellas in street squares to performing at school events. Sing-a-teh was already on the track to creating a hobby that would eventually lead to a life-long passion for him.
He has recorded albums in the Gambia and the US and is currently recording new material in Norway