Utstilling // Window Opening av Jad El Khoury – 18. februar

Utstillingsåpning 18. februar kl. 16:00, husk å ta ut fribillett.

Utstillingen står til 14. mars. Kontakt sarah@nordicblacktheatre.no for å se utstillingen etter den 18. februar.

Jad El Khoury – Window Opening

My practice intertwines reality with fiction, facts with uncertainty, architecture with art, collective memory with collective consciousness. From illustrating repetitive meditative patterns with ink on paper, to temporary installations with architectural materials on contemporary ruins, the methods, research and mediums I work with are constantly being molded and metamorphosed based on the context and serendipities that I encounter.

I question through floating and windows.
When drawing, I start with fluid lines which I draw randomly, letting the pen float freely in the 2D paper or flat walls space. Then I take control, focus, to add eyes noses. Meditating through repetition. 
The floating part is where I have some chance to finding windows openings.
Windows openings is not something we control. It can never be expected, and many times it goes unnoticed. I have been acting based on some openings I found, the examples vary from following Annie’s advice to go study at Art school, to deciding to rebuild a destroyed house because it winked.

After my architecture studies at the Lebanese University, I have worked with war traces we find on buildings of Lebanon, the place where I lived the most. Being from the first postwar generation, transforming accidental monuments of bitterness in the city into choreographed installations dancing with the wind, was a necessity. It is my poetic method of rebelling against religious sectarianism. “Burj El Hawa” (2018) was the highlight of my war traces works that I produced before moving to Oslo last year, for the Master in Art and Public Space at KHiO. 

Exhibition Curator: Sarah Rezayat

Instagram: @jadelkhoury.art