100 women desired another story by Carol Stampone

onsdag 23. august kl 20:00, Gratis
Dørene åpner kl. 19:00


Performance by Carol Stampone

Who decides what is a sustainable way of life for whom?

An intention to provoke a reflection.

A reflection on the similarities between how some societies got used to treating women and Earth. There is a tendency for assuming that both women and Earth have an obligation to always take care of us, no matter how we treat them.

An invitation for a critical conversation.
A provocation that hopes to astonish and start a conversation about care and responsibility, and at the same time, about the limits and potentialities of performance as a tool for political change.

During the event, the audience will be exposed to two different ways of telling the same story and then will be invited for a conversation about both the content and the form of the performances.

Performer and Writer: Carol Stampone

Dramaturg: Madihe Gharibi

Intuitive Singer: Camilla Berge Wolff
Poster design: Atie Habibi

The event consists of two performances that take 15 minutes each. There will be a conversation afterward.

Supported by Fritt Ord and Nordic Black Theatre.