Music Film // The Way (Burma)

søndag 10. september kl 13:00, 200 kr / 500 kr (familie)
Dørene åpner kl. 12:30

1 h. 30 min.


This film is the beauty of artists from a small country that values ​​democracy. All those who participated in this film are still on the run at the border of Thailand because of the arrests and killings by the Burmese military dictators.
This film is our country’s first musical film. Regarding filming, the equipment is not perfect. So I shoot with iphone 13 pro.
I had to do music arrangements all by myself. I had to write and play all the songs by myself. When my family and I had to flee, I couldn’t bring any instruments. So the recording part was very difficult. Anyway, I’m happy now. No dictator can stop my art.

» Who could stop the blowing wind ,,,
Who could stop the flowing water,,,,
The flag of victory will rise in the land where we live on,,, «
– LynnLynn(Director)

About film 

In the heart of a dense forest, a community of internally displaced people has found solace in their unity and craftsmanship. Living together as a big family, they have transformed themselves into skilled woodworkers, crafting beautiful creations while remaining hidden from the dangers of a minefield that lies just beyond the edges of their makeshift home. Their secluded existence takes an unexpected turn when a young girl fleeing from a menacing military junta, stumbles upon their hidden haven. “The Way» is a poignant and powerful musical film that explores themes of resilience, unity, and the lengths to which people will go for the ones they love. Set against a backdrop of enchanting melodies and the striking juxtaposition of beauty and danger, the film showcases the transformative power of human connections and the indomitable spirit that keeps hope alive even in the darkest of times.