Dark & Delicious under Oslo Pride – 24.-25. juni

24.–25. juni, 150 kr


Proudly part of Oslo Pride, performance Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th of June at Nordic Black Theatre.

Doors open 18:00
Start 19:00

Dark & Delicious
– A performance that explores Queer Survival

Dark and Delicious is inspired by the overlapping spaces of Plant and Human survival and articulate our stories inspired by the work of scientists from J.C.Bose (Plant response as a means of physiological investigation 1906) to Monica Gagliano (Thus Spoke the Plant: A Remarkable Journey of Groundbreaking Scientific Discoveries and Personal Encounters with Plants 2019). Although considered “insentient” by the human world- there is scientific proof that Plants have a very elaborate and intelligent communication system which scientists today refer to as the ‘wood wide web’. As Queer artists this world resonates with our own – underground, rich, diverse, fluid and intense.


A Queer Botanist and a Poet survive underground and re discover their lives with the plants and flavours of Ginger, Saffron and Chocolate.

They find that their emotional states lead them to understand what these plants are telling them. Could they be dreaming? Or is it real? Whatever the situation – The plants present their botanical details; history and role in relation to the human world. In doing so they enable both characters revisit difficult moments in their own lives to gain a fresh perspective. Life sized puppetry and acting with poetry come together to present a fantastical queer reality of flavours and emotions, botany and poetry.

This performance was presented under the patronage of SafeMuse at the SafeHeavens Conference in Athens. It was then staged at the Nordic Black Theatre under the direction of Cliff Moustache. We are thrilled to now be presenting it at The Nordic Black Theatre during the Pride Month in Oslo.

Cliff Moustache

Created and Performed by:
Actor: Shaad Qureshi
Puppeteer: Varun Narain

Shiva Sherveh

Poster design
Sarah Rezayat