Fundraisende festaften for The Freedom Theatre

fredag 18. august kl 21:00, Gratis


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Fundraisende festaften finner sted etter The Freedom Theatres forestilling And Here I Am 18. august.

The Freedom Theatre fra Jenin i Okkupert Palestina har turnert fra nord til sør i Norge med monologforestillingen And Here I Am.
Før de reiser hjem til Palestina, benytter vi anledningen til å invitere til en fundraisende festaften for The Freedom Theatre – for teaterkunsten, motstandskampen og fellesskapet.

Støtt deres arbeid via lenken:

I løpet av kvelden blir det bla. samtale om The Freedom Theatre sitt arbeid og situasjonen i Palestina, med kunstnerisk leder Ahmed Tobasi og teknisk ansvarlig Adnan Torokman, samt lesninger fra dokumentarteaterforestillingen Revolusjonens løfte av Ahmed Tobasi og Zoe Delemere Lafferty (oversatt til norsk av Vibeke Harper og Marius Kolbenstvedt).

Detaljert program kommer!

Revolusjonens løfte ble vist på HUMAN internasjonale dokumentarfilmfestival i Oslo tidligere i år.
Les mere om prosjektet her:

Ahmed Tobasi ble tildelt Dramatikerforbundets solidaritetsstipend 2023 i mai.…/ahmed-tobasi-far…

Natt til mandag 3. juli 2023 invaderte den israelske hæren Jenin flyktningleir nord på Vestbredden i okkupert Palestina. De rundt 16 000 menneskene som bor i flyktningleiren ble sperret inne, tilgangen til elektrisitet, internett og vann ble kuttet. Det var det mest omfattende, ødeleggende og brutale angrepet på flyktningleiren siden 2002.

The Freedom Theatre ligger rett innenfor porten til Jenin flyktningleir og både ansatte, elever og bygningsmasse ble hardt rammet. Behovet for gjenoppbygging er akutt og betydelig. Vi oppfordrer derfor til å bli med i det solidariske spleiselaget:

Daglig leder for The Freedom Theatre skriver:

Dear Friends,

The Freedom Theatre is not just a physical space; it’s a movement that embodies the resilience and determination of the Palestinian people.

Throughout the years, our theatre has faced numerous obstacles, including firebomb attacks, aggression from the occupying army, and the deeply tragic assassination of our beloved director and co-founder, Juliano Mer Khamis, in 2011.
Despite these challenges, The Freedom Theatre endured, thanks to the unwavering support and encouragement of friends like you.

Your generous contributions play a crucial role in fostering a culture of democracy, equality, and artistic expression here in Palestine. By supporting The Freedom Theatre, you are championing Palestinian civil rights and empowering society and culture, even in the face of adversity.

Through our performances on the stage, in workshops, behind the camera, and online, we provide a space for young people to unleash their imagination, gain self-confidence, and develop the skills needed to become independent thinkers and future leaders. Moreover, our work extends beyond borders, as we take the message of art as resistance to communities across occupied Palestine and around the world to the U.S., U.K., Sweden, France, Portugal, Ireland, Europe, South America, India, Pakistan, Turkey, and stages throughout the Arab region.

Like you, in 2020 we faced the severe challenges on the COVID-19 pandemic, but for us it was compounded by the Israeli government’s attempts to annex the Jordan Valley during lockdowns.
To our disappointment, a small percentage of our NGO donors also were forced to add a clause within their donation agreements that undermine the Palestinian struggle via the legitimate and universal aspiration for self-determination. These conditions were imposed under new restrictive measures coming out of the EU, which contradict international law and hinder our pursuit of freedom, dignity, and justice. So while we’re understanding that some larger EU-based NGOs are between a rock and a hard place in terms of needing to comply with the new EU regulations, it’s left a hole in our funds, which is extremely hard for us to fill.

Especially right now, dealing with the brutal tragedy that occurred on Monday, July 3, 2023, only a fortnight ago.
As you’re no doubt aware, the enormous might of the Israeli military launched the largest operation in Jenin refugee camp in the history of the region, targeting sites believed to be connected to the Palestinian resistance, but also casually destroying the main roads, water infrastructure, and many private homes and cars.
The devastating assault claimed innocent lives and left many innocent passers by maimed and wounded. The people of Jenin are walking around frequently in bandages, with cuts from exploding glass fragments as much as from the bullets and tear gas.
The invasion by a thousand soldiers, with aroumd 150 armored vehicles, jeeps, and bulldozers, has caused widespread destruction and instilled fear among the camp’s inhabitants. PTSD is everywhere, as children wet their beds at night, and their parents try to comfort them while dealing with the devastation, and smaller issues like a missing window meaning they, too, can’t sleep at night because if noise, and the heatwave, and lack of security.

Amidst this chaos, The Freedom Theatre, served as a sanctuary for families seeking refuge during the invasion, but this led to us also becoming a target for missiles, which shattered their hopes of safety … The gravity of the situation cannot be underestimated.
The occupation is trying to weaken the resilience and resistance of the people of Jenin through collective punishment and propaganda, aiming to project an image of invincibility for themselves, and of terrible crimes for us here in the camp. However, we remain committed to resistance and the reclamation of our land, passing down the torch to future generations.

Since our inception in 1989 as the Stone Theater and our re-establishment in 2006 as The Freedom Theatre, we have achieved numerous significant milestones, building our reputation way beyond these walls.

We’ve produced 40 plays, including original scripts inspired by life under occupation, and adaptations of renowned works.
Our performances have reached over 250,000 children and adults, and we have conducted outreach to 120 villages and isolated communities in the West Bank through our Freedom Bus and Playback theater performances. Moreover, we’ve embarked on international tours, sharing our powerful plays, conducting workshops internationally to share our unique insights, and presenting to diverse audiences across the globe, to empower everyone using the tools we’ve developed here in Palestine.

To ensure the continuity of our work and dreams, stand with us in solidarity!

Your financial support is critical for The Freedom Theatre to continue the struggle for freedom, human rights, and artistic expression. Together, we can make a difference, but we do need to underline the fact that your donation is needed NOW, more than ever.

Contribute to The Freedom Theatre via PayPal using the following link:

Your continued support will enable us to overcome the challenges we face, and continue our mission of promoting freedom, creativity, and hope through the arts here in Jenin. Together, we’ll make a lasting impact on the lives of Palestinian young people, and contribute to the pursuit of justice and dignity for everyone.

Thank you for your unwavering support.

Warm regards,
Mustafa Sheta
General Manager
The Freedom Theatre